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Project Brief - Access Bank of Tanzania


The concept of the proposed project is the investment holding company model where a microfinance operator in this case Access Holding AG, a Financial Institution established in Germany, with the help of the Bank and other like –minded investors, establishes a microfinance commercial bank in this case Access Bank of Tanzania (ABT) that will provide financial services to the low income population in Tanzania. The investment holding company aims to become the controlling shareholder of the investee institution, which benefits from a consistent banking platform, transmission of best practice and shared brand identity.The project involves the participation of the Bank in the establishment of a Greenfield Microfinance Commercial Bank whose services will be solely targeted towards providing financial service to low income population in Tanzania. The Bank will engage in all banking activities. The project objective is to provide micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSME) as well as other clients in lower income strata, with a broad range of appropriate financial services.

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