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Project Brief - Bujagali hydroelectric power project


The Bujagali Interconnection Project (BIP) is part of a bigger initiative which also includes the Bujagali Hydropower Station (BHS) Project. The project will consist of a construction of (a) 75 km of 220 kV transmission line and (b) 25 km of 132 kV transmission line, (ii) erection of one 132 kV substation, (iii) extension of one 132 kV substation, (iv) resettlement/compensation, (v) consultancy services for supervision and audit.The project aims to meet the energy needs of Uganda’s population for social and economic development in an environmentally sustainable manner. It will provide adequate transmission capacity for evacuation of power from Bujagali Power Station to one existing and future distribution companies, thereby increasing access t cheaper and more reliable electricity supply.

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