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Project Brief – Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund (PAIDF)


The project involves the participation of the Bank in the establishment of an Equity Fund dedicated to infrastructure in Africa, the Pan African Infrastructure Development Fund (“PAIDF” or the “Fund”); its incorporation will be done in Mauritius. Due to the long-term nature of infrastructure investments, the Fund will have a 15-year life. The investment period will be eight (8) years from the date of the Fund launch (“Investment Period”); which provides the Manager with a 7-year time horizon per investment to build, develop and grow each individual investment before exit. The Fund’s objective is to carry out diverse investments in all regions of Africa in infrastructure projects as well as investments in securities of companies that own, control, operate or manage infrastructure and infrastructure-related assets, and also may participate in joint ventures with corporate and governmental partners. In addition to financial return objectives, the Fund will invest only in infrastructure projects with a favorable economic and social impact on the populations and which respect good governance and transparency standards.

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