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Project Brief – SIAT Gabon agricultural expansion


The expansion project involves the following components: (i) Oil Palm: Establishing a new 4,250-ha and replanting 1,500-ha oil palm plantation in Bindo; Replanting a 750-ha oil palm plantation in Zilé; replanting a 1,000-ha oil palm plantation in Makouké; modernizing a palm oil mill and palm kernel crushing plant in Makouké; expanding the capacity of the palm oil refinery in Lambaréné from 50 tpd to 75 tpd; modernizing the soap manufacturing plant in Lambaréné; increasing the capacity of palm oil storage tanks in Lambaréné and Port Gentil by 3,000 tonnes. (ii) Rubber: Replanting 4,100-ha nucleus rubber plantations in Bitam and Mitzic; supporting a 2,000-ha out grower rubber scheme; and establishing a new crumb rubber line with a capacity of 40 tpd in Mitzic

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