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Project Briefs of 2005 Projects


The project has two components, a Line of Credit (LOC) to Zenith Bank Plc of Nigeria and a Technical Assistance package for in-house training and capacity building.The Line of Credit to Zenith will be used for on-lending to its corporate clients through project finance and medium term funding. The funding will mainly be used to support enterprise expansion and rehabilitation projects, with strong foreign currency income streams. It will also be extended to start-ups with strong export potentials and the ability to service a hard currency loan. The LOC will cover asset based financing in the manufacturing, agribusiness, transportation, telecommunication, energy, and tourism sectors, amongst others. The loan may also be used by the Borrower to finance the balance sheets of recently privatised and localized companies to increase the productive capacity of these enterprises.The direct funding will be complemented by a Technical Assistance package with the general objective of reinforcing the technical capacity of Zenith Bank in areas such as a) Project Finance, b) Corporate Finance, c) adoption and implementation of Basel 2 recommendations and d) Environmental Risk assessment

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