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Regional Integration Brief - Developing Economic Corridors in Africa : Rationale for the Participation of the AfDB


The purpose of this Brief is to provide the rationale for transforming Africa’s potential regional transport corridors into economic corridors and to discuss the role of the African Development Bank (AfDB or Bank) in this process. We refer to the Walvis Bay Corridor to illustrate the practicability of corridor transformation.

Recognizing the cardinal role that regional corridors play in fostering regional integration and development, the AfDB has been supporting the development of regional transport (transit) corridors in Africa. The Bank’s2 support for corridors aims to stimulate intra-regional and global trade and foster market integration. For some land-locked countries, the corridors are a new opportunity to participate in global trade.

In line with the principles of The Bank’s Regional Integration Strategy the AfDB’s approach to regional corridors covers both the hard and the soft infrastructure components of development. This encompasses construction, maintenance and rehabilitation projects, as well as trade facilitation measures and trade capacity-building programs. It also provides for the crosscutting issues of economic, social and environmental sustainability.

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