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Review of 2002-2004 Country Strategy Papers


In 1994, the Bank Group replaced the Economic Prospects and Country Program with the Country Strategy Paper (CSP). It would be the key instrument for managing assistance to borrowing regional member countries (RMCs), as well as the business plan for providing support to national strategies for poverty reduction. The objective was to improve the quality of the CSP so as to enhance the delivery and development effectiveness of the assistance rendered to RMCs. Three CSP programming cycles were completed in 1996–1998, 1999–2001 and 2002–2004.

Since 1994, the Bank-annotated CSP format has evolved broadly in line with the requirements of the replenishment cycles of the African Development Fund (ADF). After the 2002–2004 CSP period, the Bank Group will be adopting a results-based CSP format.

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