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Rwanda - Skills and Business Development Programme (SBDP)


Management submits the following proposal and recommendation for a loan of UA 60 million to the Republic of Rwanda to finance the Skills and Business Development Programme (SBDP). This is a 3-year Sector Budget Support (SBS) designed to boost the government’s economic transformation and job creation agenda by increasing domestic production under the Made in Rwanda Policy. The SBS will be implemented in Fiscal Years (FYs) 2017/18 to FY2019/20. Since FY 2012/13, the Bank has been supporting the government’s agenda on job creation through the Skills, Employability and Enterprise Programme (SEEP) which has contributed to: (i) creation of 150,000 (2015) off-farm jobs annually; (ii) increased number of enterprises to 148,000 (2014), and (iii) increased critical mass of TVET graduates to 116,292 (2016). More Development Partners (DPs) are now supporting the National Employment Programme (NEP). The SBDP, which is a transition from SEEP, was jointly designed with government in consultation with DPs and Civil Society Organisations (CSOs).

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