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Second Quarter 2005 - Operations Evaluation Department (OPEV) Activity Report


The third quarter of the year will start with increased confidence for the substantial completion of OPEV’s ambitious work programme for 2005. This is because of the satisfaction gained at the progress and completions achieved on several evaluation products in the first and second quarters. In particular, OPEV has completed two country assistance evaluations (CAE) (Mali and Mauritania), and submitted for consideration to CODE the very first review of Country Portfolio Reviews (CPR) (2000-2004) as well as a review of Country Strategy Papers (CSP) (2002-2004) in order to provide valuable lessons of experience which will be useful for the new generation of country strategy papers to be approved during 2005. Several other evaluation products are under preparation such as the Annual Report on Development Effectiveness (ARDE) and the evaluation of health sector operations. Three more country assistance evaluations (Morocco, Ethiopia, and Senegal) are to be implemented in addition to the two CAEs for Tanzania and Ghana that are nearing completion

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