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Senegal - 2008 - Country Profile


Senegal is a French-speaking country situated at the westernmost point of West Africa. It has a surface area of 196,722 km2 largely opening onto the Atlantic Ocean (500 km coastline). The Senegalese coastline is generally flat and sandy. This offers vast opportunities for tourism, reflected in the approximately 60% increase in the number of tourists who visited the country between 2004 and 2008. The Republic of Senegal shares a common border with five countries: Mauritania to the North, Mali to the West, Guinea to the South-East, Guinea Bissau to the South and The Gambia (English-speaking country) which forms a 50 km wide and approximately 300 km long enclave within Senegal, along the Gambia River.

Senegal has a dry tropical climate tempered by cool sea breezes. It has two seasons: a dry season (from mid-November to June) and a rainy season, known traditionally as the “hivernage” (from mid-June to early November). Its relief consists mainly of slightly undulating and rugged plains.

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