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Senegal - Emergency Community Development Programme Support Project (PA-PUDC) - Appraisal Report


Drawing lessons from the implementation of two generations of Poverty Reduction Strategy Papers (PRSPs, PNEDS and SNEDS), the Government of Senegal in 2014 developed a new development model known as Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE). In this new strategy, emphasis is laid on improving people's living conditions and combating social inequalities. Furthermore, in order to achieve the PSE objectives, the Government in 2015 developed the Emergency Community Development Programme (PUDC), which seeks to help improve access to basic social services for the rural population by building socio-economic infrastructure and promoting the involvement of local actors in the economic and social development of their areas. Phase 1 of the programme, to which the Bank contributed with a budget support operation, was finalized at end December 2017 (the outcomes of Phase 1 are given in Annex A.2.1 of the Technical Annexes). This project is the Bank's support for the first operation of PUDC Phase 2, which will be financed along with other donors. It will improve people's living conditions with substantial support for the development of agricultural value chains and easier access to basic socio-economic road and energy infrastructure. The project has been coherently designed, drawing lessons from achievements of Phase 1 of the programme and taking into account interventions planned by other donors (details of consistency of the operation are given in Annex A.2.1 of the Technical Annexes).

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