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Senegal - Project for support to skills development and youth entrepreneurship in growth sectors - Appraisal Report


The aim of the Project for Support to Skills Development and Youth Entrepreneurship in Growth Sectors (PDCEJ) is to promote growth and employment by improving the quality of the workforce, the competitiveness of businesses and youth entrepreneurship in the growth sectors of industry and agriculture. At a cost of UA 15.60 million, the project is financed by an ADF loan of UA 14.00 million and Government counterpart funding of UA 1.60 million. The five-year project, designed and implemented in coordination with the private sector, will support the development of professional organizations in the targeted sectors with a view to improving the competitiveness and productivity of businesses in the sectors. Over the long term, the project will help to: (i) support 250 businesses in the hydrocarbon and gas, solar energy, agribusiness and hides and skins sub-sectors; (ii) train at least 2,000 youths, 50% of whom are women, in oil-related trades, who will be directly integrated into the businesses that have expressed those needs; (iii) provide skills training to more than 40,000 youths and women over the life of the project, to facilitate the professional integration of at least 35,000 youths and women (direct and indirect jobs); and (iv) incubate more than 3,000 youths and women, generating more than 700 start-ups offering at least 1,000 jobs. The project will establish a centre dedicated to training in oil-related trades, enabling the country to prepare to meet its anticipated needs in skilled workers for the oil economy. The establishment of the Ross-Béthio Plaza and the NGaye Meckhe Hides and Skins Training Centres will provide an integrated framework for actors of the rice processing and hides and skins value chains, respectively.

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