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Senegal - Project to Open Up Production Areas in Support of the National Local Development Programme (PDZP/PNDL) - Appraisal Report


the objective of the Project to Open Up Production Areas in Support of the National Local Development Programme (PDZP/PNDL) is to develop and consolidate the gains achieved under the PPC/PNIR that ended in September 2009, and the PPC/PNDL co-financed with OFID that will end in December 2018. These projects have significantly boosted rural poverty reduction efforts, increased access to production zones through the construction of approximately 2,000 kilometres of rural roads in 184 local council areas, made it possible to reach approximately 2.5 million people and various farming basins, and enhanced local community access to basic social, economic and administrative services. The PDZP/PNDL was designed through a participatory and inclusive approach that involved all stakeholders, including farmers’ organizations, local communities and decentralized technical services. These consultations and the various studies undertaken made it possible to conduct an exhaustive situation analysis and to identify needs pertaining to agricultural value chain development, youth employment promotion and adoption of the most suitable implementation arrangements. PDZP/PNDL design also took into account the new decentralization framework in the country and lessons drawn from projects funded by the AfDB and other partners in Senegal, while developing synergies and complementarities. Considering the country and the Bank’s strategic thrusts, project design essentially focused on: (i) value chain development; (ii) employment and entrepreneurship for the youth and women; (iii) dissemination of technologies for African agricultural transformation (TAAT); and (v) adaptation to the effects of climate change.

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