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Senegal - Project to Restore the Socio-ecological Functions of Lake Guiers - RAP Summary


The project seeks to rehabilitate the wetland ecosystems adjacent to the lake and restore the other socio-economic functions of the lake. Its priority is to set up infrastructure that will facilitate the storage of more water in the lake to meet various needs, notably the revitalization of wetland ecosystems, irrigation, drinking water supply to the populations of several locations in the country including the city of Dakar, the development of fisheries, fish farming, stockbreeding, etc. The availability of water in the lake and related waterways will revive the wetland ecosystems and foster the development of sustainable job-creating economic initiatives capable of eradicating poverty. The presence of water close to arable land is already arousing the interest of private investors who, alongside smallholders, are planning to turn the area into another pole for the development of export and industrial crops using environment-friendly techniques.

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