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Senegal - Reinforcement of Multiple-Use Water Supply along the Louga-Thies-Dakar Road from the Keur Momar Sarr Treatment Plant Project – Appraisal report


In order to address the different challenges facing the country, the Government of Senegal has, for someyears, decided to adopt a new development model to accelerate its march towards emergence. This strategy known as the Emerging Senegal Plan (ESP),prepared in 2014, is the benchmarkfor economic and social policy in the medium and long terms. Key priorities of this strategy arefacilitation of access by the rural and urban population to drinking water as well asthe development of commercial agriculture and the rural economy. This Project to Reinforce Multiple-UseDrinking Water Supply along the Louga –Thies –Dakar Road from the Keur Momar Sarr Treatment Plant, which will help to improve the population’s living conditions, is in keeping with this context. Indeed, in addition to improving the population’s access to drinking water and contributing to the strengthening of industrial activities in the area,the project will also bolster activities in support of the production and marketing of agricultural products.The project represents the Bank’s intervention in the full project for ‘the construction of a 3rd treatment plant at Keur Momar SARR’. It was designed to be consistent with the interventions of the different donors aimed at ensuring multiple-use water control in the regions of Louga, Thies and Dakar

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