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Seychelles - LA Gogue Water Supply - Project Study


The Seychelles islands had an estimated population of 83,000 as of 2010 with 90% of them living on the Mahe Island. The islands are currently experiencing water shortages with an average of 60% of the current demand being met. The problem is more pronounced on the main island of Mahe due to pressure from an increasing population and demand from the commercial and hotel sectors. The water system suffers from high unaccounted for water (UFW) estimated at around 44% due to an ageing reticulation system which is complex due to the hilly topography of the island. The water shortages being experienced will continue to worsen due to growth in population, tourism activities and other commercial developments. The current demand of around 44,000m3/day is expected to grow to 55,000m3/day by 2020. The crisis is worse during the dry season (June to November) with water restrictions and rationing more common and regular in recent years and this will get worse if appropriate measures are not taken immediately. The limited availability and access to water supply services continue to pose severe challenges for the development of other sectors constraining the overall social and economic development of the Island State.

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