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Sierra Leone - Rehabilitation of Basic and Non-Formal Education and Vocational Skills Education Project (Education III) - Project Completion Report (PCR)


Co-financers and other External Partners: The World Bank jointly financed the project and contributed an IDA grant totaling USD 20 million. Nonetheless,under the Education Sector Plan (ESP)(2007 –2015)other sources of funding are being contributed to stimulate the on-going plan for both capital and recurrent expenditures.While most donors and development partners are engaged in direct funding projects aligned under the ESP, the EFA-FTI Catalytic Funds caters for basic education. Some of these include the Islamic Development Bank, UNESCO and UNICEF. The EFA-FTI funds have similar components like the ADF, which are civil works, curriculum development related activities (teachers' professional development, materials development), and capacity building.Currently, UNICEF is the lead for the development partners supporting the sector. UNICEF was also instrumental in the strengthening of capacity, which including hiring of the Deputy Director for Planning and a statistician as well as support for the design and development ofa comprehensive Education Sector Capacity Development Strategy, initiatives that complemented the Education III project’s support for EMIS and institutional strengthening activities.

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