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Somaliland - Consumer Price Index - December 2018


This publication provides monthly Consumer Price Indices Composite of Somaliland which is based on two main market baskets of Hargeisa urban households. The current Consumer Price Index was constructed the results of the 2012 Somaliland Household budget survey (SHS). During the exercise, Hargeisa was further sampled into 124 outlets. However, the markets were incorporated into the Index. Only the household final consumption expenditure data for the Hargeisa domain were analyzed and used to compute the Somaliland CPI weights. The CPI is now classified as an international standard, referring to: Classification of Individual Consumption According to Purpose (COICOP).

At the elementary aggregate (EA) level, the indices were computed using the Jevons (Geometric Mean) method for all items within the elementary aggregates. The modified Laspeyres index formula is used to compute higher level indices. The National CPI is computed as a weighted average of the two Markets, outlets mentioned above and indices are obtained from the elementary aggregate (EA) level.

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