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South Africa - Eskom Transmission Improvement Project – Loan - Appraisal Report


Eskom’s transmission development plan (2016–2025) prioritises the integration of power stations developed by Eskom and independent power producers (IPPs) to the network. The plan is further broken down into a five-year (2016–2020) strategic plan to construct 2,958km of power delivery lines and 29,240MVA of substations. Significant lengths of new transmission lines and associated substations and substation equipment are being added to the system necessitated by the major 765kV network reinforcements required for electricity supply to the Cape and KwaZulu-Natal regions. This project involves the construction of 436km of 400kV and 116km of 132kV transmission lines and associated substation work in KwaZulu-Natal and Mpumalanga province and upgrading of substation equipment and improvement of various substation earth mats in Mpumalanga province. The lines are required to (i) provide additional power evacuation paths for new generation capacity, (ii) ensure the availability of capacity for future load growth, (iii) reduction of network losses; and (iv) safety during network operations to ensure compliance to the Grid Code.

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