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Staff Guidance on Project Completion Reporting and Rating


1 Staff Guidance on Project Completion Reporting and Rating I. Purpose and Scope The purpose of this note is to present the new approach to project reporting and rating at the completion stage applicable to public sector operations financed by the African Development Bank Group (ADB or the Bank). It includes a revised Project Completion Report (PCR) template and technical guidance to staff for undertaking the PCR rating 1 . The new PCR complements and completes the set of quality assurance tools adopted by the Bank to guide project reporting and rating throughout the operational cycle. These tools, focused on results planning and tracking, will now comprise: (i) the quality - at - entry standards (QaE) applied through the Readiness Review (RR) during the design phase, (ii) the results - based logical framework (RLF) formulated during preparations to guide results - based monitoring, (iii) the implementation progress and results report (IPR) developed to strengthen quality - at - implementation through evidence - based supe rvision, and (iv) the PCR enhancing quality - at - exit through an increased focus on results, risks and lessons learning.

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