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Status Report on the Preparation of Project - Completion Reports (PCR) for June 2006 Clearing the Backlog of PCRS Approved Between 1987-1995


This note is the result of fruitful cooperation between OPEV and the offices of the Vice-Presidents, Operations. It was prepared by a Working Group, under the oversight of OPEV, which, in April 2006, reviewed the backlog of PCRs especially for the 1987-1995 period with a view to proposing recommendations to clear the backlog using sampling methods and by establishing a priority list of projects approved during the 1987-1995 period for which PCRs should be prepared.

The purpose of this note is to report on the backlog of PCRs, present the findings of the working groups and review the situation regarding PCRs approved after 1995. Recommendations are also made with a view to reducing or completely clearing the backlog of PCRs and achieving the target of 100% coverage of completed projects.

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