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Sudan - Capacity Building for Improved Quality of the Education System and Skills Development - ESMP Summary – 04 2015


Sudan's Poverty Reduction strategy 2012-2016 puts emphasis on strengthening Governance and institutional capacity, human resources development, and employment creation. In this regard, the National Development Plan for the same period entails five key result areas of which building institutional capacities is among the prominent areas. Also, the Sudan's Capacity Building 2014-2016 focuses on Governance and accountability from one side and Skills and Technology to supporting the country human and institutional capacity required to better respond to its fragility and rapidly changing situation from another side. Although the Strategy and Development Plan provide a wide vision for the attainment of the set goals, skills mismatch continues to have a high incidence on unemployment among youth population in Sudan and the lack of innovative pedagogies and efficient training system leads to poor education output and high leakages. Also, investment in TEVT is very low and negative perception/ experience of TEVT still prevails, especially for girls.

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