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Sudan – Country Brief 2014-2016 and country portfolio performance review – 10 2014


The objectives of this Country Brief (CB) 2014-2016 are to update the Boards of Directors on recent developments in Sudan and to provide a framework for the Bank’s programming and operational activities over the next three years. The CB also contains a review of the Bank’s current activities in Sudan and challenges, opportunities and resource requirements for the proposed programming period. This Brief slightly overlaps with the CB 2012-2014 to reflect the fragile and rapidly changing situation in the Sudan, which requires a flexible and tailored response. In addition, the country has made significant progress and the Bank has delivered nearly all the key milestones of the CB 2012-2014 (Annex 3). An adjustment is therefore necessary to enable the Bank to adapt and continue to be relevant, while making a case for the country’s exceptional eligibility to access additional resources under ADF 13.

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