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Sudan - Water sector reforms and institutional capacity development program – ESMF Summary – 07 2015


This environmental and Social Management Framework (ESMF) summary covers the West Kordofan State (Western Sudan) where construction of infrastructures including pipeline and water points (boreholes and Hafirs); will be implemented. The document was prepared to ensure that the proposed program is implemented in an environmentally and socially sustainable manner and in line with the AfDB’s ISS requirements in OS1 concerning program lending designated as Category 2. Notwithstanding other issues that may arise during implementation phase and as need to be, the ESMF will consider and pay attention to: social impacts related to rural economy, loss of agricultural and/or Gum Arabic lands on which communities’ livelihoods depend; and water related issues such as depletion of aquifer(s) due to pumping of well fields and/or recession of surface water resources due to variability and shortage in rainfall, solid and liquid wastes management, loss/degradation of top soils /lands; and other biological issues (flora and fauna). The ESMF document also complies with Sudan (Higher Council for Environment and Natural Resources) Environmental Conservation Act of 2001, especially for projects funded by international organizations and agencies.

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