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Swaziland - Summary of the Environmental Impact Assessment Lower Usutho Irrigation Development Project - ESIA Summary


An Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA ) was prepared by the Government of Swaziland to identify the potential impacts and proper mitigation of negative impacts in the Lower Usutho Smallholders Irrigation Development Project (LUSIP) in the south eastern part of Swaziland. This document summari zes the EIA and associated mitigation, management and monitoring plan for the proposed project. The summary briefly discusses the project background, the current biophysical and socio - economic environment, and legislative and institutional conditions pert aining to the proposed project. In addition, alternatives to the proposed project were discussed in light of their environmental and socio - economic impacts. An outline of the environmental management and monitoring plan is also discussed. The EIA was pr epared in accordance with the environmental impact assessment guidelines of the African Development Bank Group.

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