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Tanzania - Country Strategy Paper 2016-2018


Tanzania has continued to register strong economic performance, with the annual average real GDP growth rate exceeding 6% since 2001. However, the country is still confronting the challenge of translating this growth into economic transformation, faster poverty reduction and subsequent improvement in the livelihoods of the majority of its population. Poverty has been reduced, although marginally and remains high at 28.2% and income inequality as measured by the Gini coefficient is largely unchanged at 0.37. Integrating the majority of the population into gainful economic activities will require addressing the most pressing constraints to inclusive and sustainable growth, in particular energy and transport infrastructure. These two anchors have the potential to unlock gains in keys sectors of the economy. Furthermore, addressing underlying governance challenges are critical to achieving prosperity. Progress has been made in combating corruption although there is still room to improve governance particularly in the infrastructure sector.

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