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Tanzania - Dar es Salaam Bus rapid transit project – Resettlement Action Plan Report (Phase 2) – 04 2015


The Government of Tanzania intends to establish, operate and manage the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system, which is the cost effective sustainable transportation system in the world, for Dar es Salaam City to ensure fast and orderly flow of traffic on urban streets and roads. Therefore the main objective of the project is to ensure orderly flow of traffic on urban streets and roads by increasing the level of mbility, promoting the use of non motorised transport, and to meet the ever increasing travel demand of the city residents with ultimate aim of increasing comfort and quality of life and urban development. Apart from improving public urban transport in Dar es Salaam city, DART system intends to generate more jobs to residents by inviting people to invest in the DART system bus operators, fund management and fare collection companies.

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