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Tanzania - Feasibility Studies and Detailed Design of the Multinational Arusha-Holili-Taveta - Voi Road - RAP Summary


The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania (GOT) and the Government of the Republic of Kenya (GOK), with the support of the East Africa Community (EAC), intend to improve the transport infrastructure in order to support economic development programs within the two countries, deepen economic co-operation and foster regional integration within the EAC. EAC has received a grant from the African Development Bank (AfDB) to carry out the Feasibility Studies and Engineering Detailed Design of the Arusha – Holili/Taveta – Voi Road (254 Km), a regional road between Tanzania and Kenya. In Tanzania, the road will cover a distance of 115 Km on the existing Arusha-Holili road and 42 Km of a by-pass in Arusha. In Kenya the road will cover a total distance of 98Km. The road links with the corridor No 5 of the EAC Regional Road Network Programme, which spans from Tunduma in Southern Tanzania to Moyale in Northern Kenya. In Kenya, it links with Corridor No 1, which commences at the Port of Mombasa to the border town of Malaba and on to Kigali in Rwanda.

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