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Tanzania National Agricultural and Livestock Extension Rehabilitation Project - PPER


This is a Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) of the National Agricultural and Livestock Extension Rehabilitation Project (NALERP) in Tanzania. NALERP was conceived by the Government of Tanzania in 1987 at a time when the extension services had been fragmented between the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development (MALD) and the various parastatals, and the food crop research did not receive appropriate priority. Key aspects of extension – supervision, training, logistics, linkages with other knowledge and input systems – had suffered from lack of resources and an inefficient institutional structure. NALERP was designed to resuscitate and rebuild the agricultural and livestock extension service through institutional rehabilitation and capacity building and human resource development.

The project, which cost UA 21.78 million, was implemented between 1989 and 1999 and was co-financed by the African Development Fund (UA 6.52 million), the International Development Association (UA 13.03 million) and the Government of Tanzania (UA 2.23 million). The implementation of the IDA Components of the project began in July 1989 and was completed in March 1997, and the Implementation Completion Report (ICR) was prepared in May 1998. On the other hand, implementation of the ADF Components started in April 1990 and was completed in December 1999. The ADF Project Completion Report (PCR) was prepared in July 2002, preceded by the Government’s PCR in February 2002.

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