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Tanzania - Review and Updating of Environmental and Social Impact Assessment, Economic Valuation and Cost Estimates for the Upgrading of Mangaka - Nanyumbu - Mtambaswala Road (65.5km) to Bitumen Standard - RAP Summary


The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania has requested a loan from the African Development Bank (ADB) and the Government of Japan for the construction works for Mangaka – Mtambaswala road from Km 00.00 to Km 65.50 The ADB/JICA has indicated an interest to finance the upgrading works for the Mangaka – Tunduru road together with the Mangaka - Mtambaswala road. In preparation for the funding with respect to the Mangaka – Mtambaswala road, the ADB/JICA have required update of cost estimates, updating of economic analysis, amendment of the environmental and social impact assessment report and updating of Resettlement Action Plan that were prepared for the subject road which were prepared by the consultant M/S UWP Consulting Tanzania Ltd in July 2009.

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