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Tanzania - Tanzania initiative for preventing aflatoxin contamination (TANIPAC) - Appraisal Report


The Tanzania Initiative for Preventing Aflatoxin Contamination (TANIPAC) project is being designed within the context of Tanzania Development Vision 2025 (TDV 2025), which places a high priority on the agriculture sector. The TDV 2025 identifies the following three priority goals: (i) ensuring basic food security; (ii) improving income levels; and (ii) increasing export earnings. The National Five Year Development Plan (2016/17 – 2020/21) also identifies the agriculture sector as a priority for the country, and in addition recognizes the need for scale up of nutrition specific interventions to prevent stunting. The specific agricultural sector strategies and programmes such as the Agriculture Sector Development Strategy (ASDS); the Agricultural Sector Development Programme (ASDP II); the Tanzania national multi-sectoral nutrition action plan 2016-2021; and the Tanzania Agriculture and Food Security Investment Plan (TAFSIP), among others, also emphasise the importance of nutrition and food security.

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