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Tanzania - Transport Sector Support Program – Tabora Koga Mpanda Road and Mbinga–Mbamba Bay Road - ESIA Summary – 06 2015


The Government of the United Republic of Tanzania is intending to upgrade two road sections; the 342.9km Tabora (Pangale)-Koga -Mpanda (TKM) road and 67 km road section from Mbinga to Mbamba Bay to Bitumen standard. The Tabora-Koga-Mpanda project road runs through two regions of Tabora and Katavi while passing through three districts of Sikonge, Mlele and Mpanda whereas Mbinga – Mbamba Bay road is in Ruvuma region, passing through Mbinga and Nyasa Districts. The project roads are un-engineered earth/gravel roads which are in fair/poor condition and are impassable during the rainy season. The traffic on the project roads are suppressed due to the poor condition of the roads but they are envisaged to generate more traffic after the road upgrading.

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