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The AfDB Group in North Africa 2013


Geographically situated at the northern rim of the continent and at the cross-road of the Arab, European and African worlds, North Africa is a region of unique importance. In 2011, North Africa became the epicenter of social and political movements as the Arab Spring began in Tunisia and spread across and beyond the region.

Producing about one-third of Africa’s total GDP and home to more than 170 million people (17% of Africa population), North Africa regroups mainly Middle Income Countries (MICs) and occupies a geopolitical position that goes significantly beyond its economic weight. North Africa is also central to the history and the daily operations of the African Development Bank (AfDB). Since the beginning of its operations in 1966, the Bank Group has committed nearly US$ 17 billion in loans and grants to North Africa, consistently supporting the people of the region in their endeavors to develop and modernize their economies and improve their living conditions.

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