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The Bank Group’s Participation in the Middle East and North Africa Transition Fund


Established under the French G8 Chair in May 2011, the Deauville Partnership has committed to support the reform process in Arab countries in transition. The MENA Transition Fund (“MENA T F ”) conceived by the US G8 Chair in 2012, is one of the key ways to support the reform process. The MENA TF will be a unique grant financing facility designed to complement existing bilateral and multilateral programs. The MENA TF, for which the World Bank wi ll serve as the trustee, will provide funding for technical cooperation and pilot projects to support policy reform. To access funding under the MENA TF, governments have to partner with one of the participating Deauville Partnership International Financia l Institution (IFI) 1 which has agreed to serve as an Implementation Support Agency (ISA).

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