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The preferred partner? - A client assessment of the AfDB


In 1964, the newly independent countries of Africa declared their determination to create an African Development Bank, run by Africans, funded by Africans, and serving Africans. This echoes in the Bank’s determination today to be “a preferred partner in Africa, providing high-impact, well-focused development assistance and solutions.” To test whether this goal is being achieved in 2012, the Bank has commissioned this detailed assessment by its regional stakeholders including policymakers and senior officials, regional partners, private sector companies, civil society organisations and parliamentarians. The methodology comprises more than 80 structured interviews with senior leaders; webbased surveys to gather views from 137 stakeholders; and two regional workshops to gather feedback on Bank policies and procedures, and make consensus proposals for improvement. The exercise has been marked by overwhelming enthusiasm from stakeholders. They see the Bank as crucial to all of Africa’s citizens, and therefore have the highest expectations for its performance. They support recent reforms and believe that the Bank is on the right track. Many devoted much time and care to responding, including making ten sets of practical suggestions for how the Bank might effectively implement its long-term strategy.

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