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The Renewable Energy Sector and Youth Employment in Algeria, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia


This paper was prepared by Dr. Isabel Schäfer, under the supervision of Vincent Castel (Chief Country Economist, ORNA) and took into account comments and recommendations made by Moussa Adama (Principal Power Engineer, MAFO/ ONEC), Thouraya Triki (Chief Country Economist, ORNA), Sahar Taghdisi Rad (Senior Economist, ORNA), Hadia Ghezali (Administrative Assistant, DZFO), Khaled El-Askari (Principal Energy officer, EGFO/ONEC). The paper benefited from the overall guidance of Jacob Kolster (Director, ORNA), and was presented in Tunis and Algiers under the guidance of Boubacar Traore (Resident Representative, DZFO), with the support of Tarik Benbahmed (Economist, DZFO) and Samia Mansour (Economist, ORNA). This document was prepared by the African Development Bank (AfDB). Designations employed in this publication do not imply the expression of any opinion on the part of the institution concerning the legal status of any country, or the limitation of its frontier. While efforts have been made to present reliable information, the AfDB accepts no responsibility whatsoever for any consequences of its use.

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