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Togo - 2016-2020 Country Strategy Paper


This paper proposes the Bank Group’s intervention strategy in Togo for 2016- 2020 and the country’s eligibility for the resources of the Transition Support Facility (TSF) under ADF 14. It is based on the Bank’s 2013-2022 Ten-Year Strategy, its High 5s priorities and the Strategy for Addressing Fragility and Building Resilience in Africa. It will also serve as a framework for reviewing the country’s eligibility for TSF Pillar I, as presented in Annex 8. This paper is also consistent with the Government’s Accelerated Growth and Employment Promotion Strategy (SCAPE) 2013-2017, aimed at addressing the country's fragility challenge and its vulnerability in terms of inequality, climatic shocks, limited decentralization and exogenous shocks such as the volatility of import (food products) and export (cash crops) prices.

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