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Togo - Eligibility for Supplementary Resources and Arrears Clearance Operation under the Fragile States Facility


The Bank’s commitment to post-conflict countries dates from July 2004 when the Boards approved the creation of the Post-Conflict Country Facility (PCCF). To date, the Facility has helped to clear the arrears of five countries, namely: Burundi (October 2004), Republic of Congo (December 2004), Central African Republic (December 2006), and Liberia and Comoros (December 2007). Drawing lessons from these operations and taking into account the strategic orientations of ADF- XI, the Bank decided to intensify its support to post-conflict countries. To that end, the Board, on 28 March 2008, approved a new Fragile States Facility (FSF), drawing on the PCCF mechanisms and containing significant innovations. The most significant of these innovations is the creation of several windows within the Facility not only to clear arrears, but also to make available to Fragile States, a supplementary operational support 1 in addition to the normal ADF allocation and a selective support for capacity building.

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