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Togo - Structural Adjustment Programmes II And III - PPER


This Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) deals with both SAP II covering the period 1992-94 and SAP III for the period 1996-98 for which the African Development Fund (ADF) granted Togo Loan n° F/TOG/PAS-II/92/14 for UA 11.51 million in October 1992 and Loan n° F/TOG/PAS-III/97/11 for UA 11.20 million in May 1997, respectively.

Initially designed for implementation over the period 1992-94, SAP II finally covered the period 1992-96, while SAP III was implemented according to schedule over the period 1996-98. It is worth noting that implementation of SAP II was hindered by the socio-political crisis facing Togo during the period 1992- 93 (a nine-month general strike, political crisis during the transitional period) which paralyzed the entire economic activity in such a way that not all the 94 measures could be implemented. Thus, measures remaining to be implemented were retaken and completed under SAP III.

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