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Tunisia - Financial Sector Modernization Support Programme (PAMSFI) - Project Completion Report


PAMSFI aimed to help create conditions for accelerated, resilient and inclusive economic growth by strengthening the financial sector’s role in financing the economy and vulnerable segments of the population. It aimed to help eliminate important challenges (low access to SME financing, low diversification level, low financial inclusion rate, etc.) that characterized the Tunisian financial sector. Moreover, the programme supported the emergence of a new development model for Tunisia, in which the private sector can develop and create employment throughout Tunisia, and where the population’s disadvantaged segments can contribute to, and benefit from growth. Thus, Bank assistance was justified by the need to support Government-initiated priority financial sector reforms as part of its economic structural transformation objective. PAMSFI’s specific objectives were to strengthen and deepen financial sector governance through the improvement of access by the population and businesses to financial services and the diversification of financial instruments.

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