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TUNISIA - Project to develop Irrigation Schemes through Value Chain Development - Approved


Despite the significant investments made by Tunisia in the agricultural sector in the past decades, a large part of the rural population continues to live with modest incomes, especially in the country’s most disadvantaged regions. The Government of Tunisia seeks,with the Bank’s support through the Country Strategy Paper (CSP 2017-2021), to reduce regional disparities by investing more in these regions. The regions concerned by the project, namely Sidi Bouzid, Kairouan and Kasserine, are among the country’s most disadvantaged. They are ranked 20 th, 22 nd and 23 rd, respectively,out of a total of 24 regions,according to the regional development index measured in 2015. The Project to Develop Irrigation areas through Development of Value Chains(PVPI-DCV) contributes to the development of rural areas in these regions.

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