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Tunisia - Ras Djebel-Galaat Irrigation Development - PPER


This Project Performance Evaluation Report (PPER) concerns the Ras DjebelGalaat Irrigation Development Project in Tunisia, for which the Bank granted a loan of UA 9.89 million in January 1983, and which was cofinanced by KFW (UA 13.22 million). This project, which was in keeping with the objectives of the VIth to IXth Five-Year Plans and the North Water Master Plan (PAEN), aimed to promote agricultural and livestock development with a view to reducing the food deficits and improving farmers’ productivity and incomes.

The Bank loan, which represents abut 27% of the investments, made it possible to build the dams and irrigation channels, and develop over 7,000 hectares of normally hydromorphic land, build feeder roads, carry out agricultural development activities, as well as works monitoring and supervision studies. The project was completed in 1994 and the Project Completion Report prepared by the Bank following a mission to the country in 1995.

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