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Tunisia - Technical and Technological Skill-Building Support Project (PADCTT) - Appraisal report


The purpose of the project is to improve the employability of new technical, technology and science graduates and thus contribute to the training of a skilled workforce that satisfies private sector needs and the country’s ambition to climb up the international value chains. To that end, the project supports the following two pillars: (i) building the technical, technological and scientific skills of graduates to ensure employability; and (ii) digital skill building and inclusive access to student services. . The project is consistent with Tunisia’s 2016 - 2020 Development Plan, which includes human development among national priorities with the objective of enhancing education system performance and improving employability. It is also in line with the two pillars of the recently approved 2017-2021 country strategy, namely: (i) to industrialize and support value chains by ensuring a labour supply that meets the needs of Tunisia’s industrial and technology hubs; and (ii) to improve the quality of people's lives in priority regions by promoting inclusive access to quality education. The project is also consistent with the third of the Bank's High-5 priorities on industrialization and the fifth on improving quality of life for the people.

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