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Tunisia - Treated Wastewater Quality Improvement Project - ESMP Summary


This project benefitting about 3963 419 people, will help to improve the performance of sanitation services and the quality of treated wastewater (TWW) through 30 wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) distributed in 17 Governorates. The project will be implemented from 2012 to 2016, comprising a series of operations under two components (A and B) aimed respectively at: (i) upgrading sanitation facilities by overhauling the water and sludge systems and transfer networks, and establishing remote monitoring and management systems; (ii) building the capacity of the National Sanitation Agency (ONAS) through assistance for studies, works monitoring and control, participation in training, procurement of operating equipment and project management. These operations will be implemented at a total cost of UA 33.30 million or TND 73.67 million, financed to the tune of 88% by the Bank and 12% by the Tunisian Government.

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