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Uganda - Community Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement Programme-Project 3 (CAIIP-3) - ESMP Summary


The Government of Uganda (GoU) has proposed the construction and rehabilitation of access roads, markets and agro-processing facilities to enhance farmers’ access to markets, increase the market value for their agricultural products and ultimately improve the socio-economic welfare of the farmers through increase in household income. This will in turn contribute to the Government’s efforts in reducing poverty and in enhancing economic growth in Uganda. The Project – Community Agricultural Infrastructure Improvement Programme – Project 3 (CAIIP-3) – is the third project in a series of three projects that aim at enhancing rural competitiveness, increase agricultural productivity and household incomes by constructing and rehabilitating rural roads, markets and agro-processing facilities in Uganda. It is a follow-on project to two on-going projects – CAIIP-1 and CAIIP-2 – both of which have successfully achieved their development objectives.

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