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Working Paper 76 - Are Exports the Engine of Economic Growth? An Application of Cointegration and Causality Analysis for Egypt, 1977 - 2003


Exports of goods and services represent one of the most important sources of foreign exchange income that ease the pressure on the balance of payments and create employment opportunities. An export led growth strategy aims to provide producers with incentives to export their goods through various economic and governmental policies. Its also aims to increase the capability of producing goods and services that are able to compete in the world market, to use advanced technology, and to provide foreign exchange needed to import capital goods. Exports can increase intra-industry trade, help the country to integrate in the world economy and reduce the impact of external shocks on the domestic economy. Experiences of Asian and Latin American economies provide good examples of the importance of the export sector to economic growth and development, which led economists to stress the vital role of exports as the engine of economic growth.

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