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Zambia - Livestock Infrastructure Support Project - Executive SESA Summary


The Government of the Republic of Zambia has requested the Bank to support the Livestock Infrastructure Support Project (LISP) with the objective of improving smallholder livestock production and productivity, create market linkages and increase household income. The ultimate objective is to reduce poverty and enhance food security. The Project will be implemented in nine (9) Districts in Northern and Muchinga Provinces. It comprises of three (3) components, (i) Livestock Infrastructure Development, (ii) Capacity Building, and (iii) Project Management. The main outputs include, (i) Livestock Service Centres, (ii) Milk Collection Centres, (iii) Livestock Markets, (iv) Livestock slaughter facilities, (v) 80 km of feeder roads, (vi) Veterinary laboratories, (vii) Veterinary quarantine stations, and (viii) Veterinary check points

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