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Zambia - Preparation Activities of the Livestock Infrastructure Support Project - Project Preparation Facility


The Government of Zambia’s (GoZ) development agenda is articulated in the National Vision 2030 and the Sixth National Development Plan (SNDP: 2011-2015). The National Vision 2030 sets the long-term vision reflecting the understanding, aspirations and determination of the people to be a “prosperous middle-income country”. SNDP, whose theme is “sustained economic growth and poverty reduction”, is aimed at addressing the challenges of realising broad based pro-poor growth, employment creation and human development. The SNDP’s strategic focus is on infrastructure and human development which will be supported through enhancing investment for sustainable agricultural production and productivity of crops, livestock and fisheries. Contribution of agricultural sector to the GDP is 21.5% whilst employment in agricultural sector is 80%. The Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock (MAL) is refining its sector policies and strategies based on the National Agriculture Policy (NAP: 2004-2015).

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