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Zimbabwe - Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project - Phase II Stage II - Appraisal Report (approved)


In its administrative capacity of the Zimfund, the Bank presented for approval Phase II of the Emergency Power Infrastructure Rehabilitation Project (EPIRP) on 18 December 2013 with a total estimated cost of US$32.94 million. The project aims to support of electrical infrastructure development in Zimbabwe and will contribute to the economic recovery process, improving the livelihood of general Zimbabweans.However at the time of Board approval, the Donor funds were inadequate to cover the total project scope. It was therefore agreed to split the overall project scope into two stages to match the availability of grant funding. StageI of the program was covered by US$15.42 million that was available at the time and was approved in 2013. The Board was informed at the time that management would resubmit the project seeking approval for the remaining amount (US$ 17.52 million) once more resources became available from the ZimFund donors.

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