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ZIMBABWE - Youth and Tourism Enhancement Project (YTEP) - PCR


The objective of the Project was to contribute towards the reduction of poverty and youth unemployment in Zimbabwe through the improvement of the enabling environment for youth and tourism development. The Project was aligned to the Government’s efforts to empower youth in the country. The Project was aligned with the Zimbabwe Agenda for Socio-Economic Transformation (Zim Asset: 2013 – 2018), which supports a number of priority areas including youth, tourism and SME development. The related areas prioritized include availing and increasing economic opportunities for women and youths; expanding the accessibility and utilisation of ICTs to improve service delivery and accelerate economic growth; building and rehabilitating infrastructure and utilities as enablers for economic growth and prosperity; entrepreneurship and investment promotion in tourism. The project is aligned to the objectives and priorities of the Zimbabwe Country Brief (2013-2015). The Country Brief expresses the need to deepen and consolidate the Bank’s support for capacity building in the areas of Tourism, Entrepreneurship and Youth Development as well as in Audit, Procurement, Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and Mining. The Project was also aligned to the Bank’s 2013 – 2022 Strategy through its support for skills development; Private Sector development; gender equality; and fragile state development. The Project equally supported the implementation of the policy priorities for 2013 – 2015 of the Ministry of Tourism, which include the development and promotion of domestic tourism to create economic opportunities for the youth; the fostering of tourism investment through the development of a Tourism Master Plan and a Tourism Satellite Account, aimed at providing accurate information on the tourism sector activities and tourism revenues.

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